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Two More German Banks Planning Crypto Services Following Sparkasse

 Commerzbank and Volks-und Raiffeisenbank - a German universal bank and a brand of independent collaborative banks - have started to develop generalities to allow customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - a German liberal-conservative journal - revealed the news on Monday.

A prophet from Volks-und Raiffeisenbanken said the group is "moving forward" to decide whether the bank should offer crypto services and in what form customers should be able to trade them directly.

Meanwhile, Commerzbank said it is working "intensively" on the subject of cryptography, as it relates to the trading and custody of digital assets.

The bank entered into a cooperation with Deutsche Borse and Fintech 360x this spring, to produce NFTs to be real assets, like art and real estate.

The news about each bank's crypto services follows an announcement in Sparkasse history that it may launch a crypto coat rack for its guests in 2022. Sparkasse is the leader in inquiries among German tax institutions, including a network of more than 400 savings banks.

Sparkasse, Commerzbank and Volks-und Raiffeisenbanken together could bring easy crypto access to Germany's great maturity in banking demand.


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